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Inclusive Garden

Branding for Luxurious Hotel in Kyoto



Foreigners who wants to experience traditional Japanese touches and culture with great hospitality in the beautiful, truly enriching, indigenous and relaxing atomosphere. Age: 30+. Above the average income.

Welcoming designs to showcase the suiran’s spirits and beauty of japanese hospitality for non-japanese customers.


Suiran Hotel is a high-class ryokan —a type of traditional Japanese inn—style hotel. 17 guest rooms our of a total of 39 rooms come with open-air onsen baths, this retreat is inspired by traditional Japanese touches and culture offering a truly enriching and indigenous experience. There are also two rental open-air baths for private use, facing a Japanese garden.

Since Suiran Hotel is a high-class ryokan, a type of traditional Japanese inn-style hotel in Kyoto, it delivers tradition and Japanese aesthetics with a symbol of the roof of the hotel.


The asymmetrical proportion of the logo represents the beauty of imperfection and asymmetry —wabi sabi. The roof logo with a calligraphic stroke touch shows the beauty of natural and organic form and tradition. For the typeface, it communicates the Suiran, the hotel name well with san serif type that showcases modernity and grace.

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