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Branding + Experiential

Creative Partner

I'm a fusion of cultures and creativity, born and raised in Japan, with a rich heritage of Chinese and Korean background.

I specialize in creating brand identities and experiences that not only grab attention but also tell engaging stories, transforming each project into a journey that resonates emotionally with the audience. 


My approach to branding design is deeply entrenched in the philosophy of experiential design. Every visual component is a carefully constructed thread in the fabric of a larger, more compelling story. I distill complex concepts into clear, impactful brand odysseys that strike a chord with audiences on a deeply personal level. In every endeavor, my goal is to seamlessly merge the realms of business and design, weaving the very soul of a brand's story into its identity. This ensures that the brands I work with are not only noticed but felt, remembered, and cherished, forging a lasting emotional connection.

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