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Package Design for Fishing Reel and Accessories

_School Project



Daiwa is a brand that is often under-looked by many anglers as they do not get as much press as some of the other major brands like Penn and Shimano. Daiwa specialists works on a new technology to be featured in a future reel design and known to produce both quality spinning reels as well as baitcasting reels and conventional reels. 

Daiwa’s reels are aesthetically well designed and high tech/quality, however their packaging are generic and they don’t feel special for premium reels. Their package box doesn’t communicate the product information and they’re missing the opportunity to showcase their advanced technologies.


Daiwa is a fishing tackle brand, offering all kinds of Japanese top quality fishing products. Daiwa’s first spinning reel rolled off the assembly line in 1955. 


Men and women (20’s-40’s) who are generally have and experience with fishing or expert anglers. They seek a great quality and technology to the fishing tool they use.


To design fishing reel, packaging, and accessories to represent brand spirit and showcase the technology of their product.

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