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App Design for Interior Decoration



_Visual Design
_School Project


How It Works_

  1. You will answer 5 questions.

  2. DécorMe suggests 3 personalized decor options for them based on your answers.

  3. You will choose 1 out of the 3 options, and it will be their project board.

  4. You can also customize items from your project board.

  5. You can purchase the items on the project board and get assembly help for furniture.

  6. Items arrive, and they now have nicely curfurniture and decors stress-free.

DécorMe is a platform that allows users to decorate visually their living spaces based on their preferences. It is user-friendly, simple and caters to each individual’s taste with a soothing visual design.

Living space is very important to cheer people up and make them feel comfortable and at home. However, people may feel overwhelmed when they move into a new place. There are many options for decorating each room, they don’t know where to start, it takes too much time to research, and find a balance of style and their budget. I created this app for those people who struggle to furnish and decorat

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