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Inclusive Garden

Exhibition-based Campaign for Sustainability by Dior


_Graphic Design

_School Project



Fashion brands are known for generating tons of garments every season and disposing them. One of the issue they face is how they position themselves in the context of sustainability. High brand such as Dior have a target market of high-income earners and influencer. They have the power to influence and inspire people around the issue of sustainability. It is an opportunity for the brand to change their strategies and bring awareness to a global issue.

To create a campaign using the power of design and increase the opportunities for honest conversations and awareness of aspiration of the high fashion field to be a part of a co-existing culture with the Earth.


 As a spring and summer collection in 2020, Dior created a theme called “Inclusive Garden” where they brought trees that were almost dying in the runway show to preserve, celebrate their beauty, and replant them after the show.

In collaboration with another classmate, we designed an exhibition-based campaign for the promotion of Dior’s spring/summer 2020 collection with their existing#PlantForTheFuture campaign. Plantable cards, recycled papers, and sustainable materials are all applied to design in the whole campaign — we hope this becomes one of the initial step to cultivate a co-existing culture betweenhumans and our planet.

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