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ISI Japanese Language School

Art Direction


I had the privilege of overseeing the visual art direction and copywriting for the rebranding of ISI Japanese Language School, the largest language schools in Japan. With the evolution of translation tools and AI diminishing language barriers, our rebranding aimed to bridge the gap between non-universal Japanese language education and the school's mission to cultivate globally competent individuals. We centered our concept development on the transformative experiences of living and learning in Japan. This approach positioned the unique challenges of Japan’s high-context culture as a growth driver for many students from low-context cultures, encapsulating the brand concept of "Discover the New You." The tagline was crafted to resonate with the journey of self-discovery that students embark on while studying in Japan. The key visual features a confident graduate surrounded by about thirty actual ISI students, depicting their engagement with various facets of Japanese culture, and their joyous learning experiences.

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