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Branding Art Direction, Logo Design


Dr. Training" is a company that goes beyond the realm of "bodywork," including personal gym operations, and expands into the "Life Make Business," contributing to enhancing life performance. To further expand their business, the company underwent a comprehensive rebranding, encompassing corporate brand strategy, visual identity, uniforms, store design, website revamping, and more.

The company's uniqueness lies in the scientific approach the founder acquired during their time as a Major League trainer. Leveraging this strength and aligning it with the company's name, they established the proposition of being the "Top Medical Expert in the Training Industry." 

To express a medical approach based on world-class scientific methods, the visual concept was developed as the "Lab of Future Sports Science," and the process of creating the visual identity was undertaken. The logo design embodies a cutting-edge yet trustworthy and stable feel. The brand colors, predominantly light gray and white, evoke cleanliness while the accent of red portrays the warmth and friendliness of the staff. The interior design concept aimed to be stylish yet inviting, embracing a fusion of "Future Lab × Universality × Warmth." The uniforms were inspired by the image of a doctor's white coat. The website embodies the avant-garde science lab through dynamic photography and graphics, all within a minimal layout.

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