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atelier haruka career

Branding Art Direction


As part of the branding initiative for Atelier Haruka, a company that operates hair and makeup salons across the nation, we undertook the development of the story concept, , brand imagery, and the revamp of the career website.

For individuals seeking a "qualification," becoming a beauty stylist remains one of the most prevalent career paths. In this context, to encourage candidates to choose atelier haruka, it was essential to portray the company as offering diverse career opportunities within the beauty industry, along with systems and a culture that supports sustained success.

To convey the message that atelier haruka is a place where one can "thrive in the beauty field for the long haul," the content of the career website centered around various roles, departments, and positions related to beauty. The website prominently featured interviews with ten staff members, communicating their dedication and passion.


The art direction for the key visual focused on the beauty of "determination" and "passion" inherent in the field of beauty. It aimed to express the essence of individuals shaped by their involvement in beauty and their strong underlying emotions.
By incorporating elements symbolizing the "inner spark," a unified visual was created, representing the team's collective fervor—where each individual's unwavering determination and unique strengths converged at Atelier Haruka.

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