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atelier haruka

Branding Art Direction


We were entrusted with the corporate/brand renewal for atelier haruka, a hair and makeup salon operation with over 60 locations nationwide. From aligning their purpose in today's society to establishing their brand identity, capturing visual assets, and creating corporate, service, and recruitment websites, our team handled the entire process.

Adapting to the transformed customer expectations post-pandemic, atelier haruka undertook initiatives such as revisiting their existing services and flagship offerings. This evolution highlighted the need to acquire new customer segments and revamp communication strategies. Given their role in beauty and well-being, a comprehensive brand strategy was essential—from refining the purpose as a beauty and well-being enterprise to targeting strategies and integrating these concepts into the in-store experience.

While preserving the foundational values of "unwavering pursuit of beauty" and "fulfilling customer aspirations," we tailored messages for different stakeholders in line with current trends and new target demographics. 

In our visual narrative, the audience's hearts take a joyful leap as their experiences at atelier haruka elevate their sense of beauty, causing the surroundings to shimmer with an added radiance. We meticulously crafted the dreamy imagery to accentuate this very emotional journey. While keeping the original logo, we ventured into new territory with colors, typography, graphics, and photography. The website was designed for functionality as a service site, ensuring seamless navigation up to reservations.
Rooted in the visual identity's gradient and elements, it successfully conveyed the brand's fresh perspective.

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