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Brand Design, Art Direction, Brand + Identity



The brand concept, titled "Blurring Gender Lines with Sophisticated Minimalism," is crafted to redefine traditional gender norms within the aesthetic medicine clinic sector by adopting a design approach that combines emotional depth with disciplined visual systems. This strategic vision is aimed at evoking a sense of ennui and effortless sophistication, targeting a contemporary customers that appreciates gender neutrality alongside minimalist elegance. Central to this brand identity is a unique color palette that hinges on grey with green accents, setting the brand apart and infusing every aspect of its presence—from logo design and digital footprint to packaging and spatial aesthetics—with a sophistication that is both understated and elegant. The interior design echoes this chic, mortar-inspired aesthetic, prioritizing space and simplicity to enhance the brand's commitment to minimalism. Marketing strategies are designed to weave narratives that underscore the brand's foundational values of ennui, effortlessness, and sophisticated casualness, forging emotional connections with the audience. This positions the brand not just as a pioneer in aesthetic medicine but as a beacon for those who value elegance, minimalism, and a fluid approach to gender expression, distinguishing it as a leader in androgynous, sophisticated care.



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