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Peer 2 Peer


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How can we use the power of creativity to reduce the number of people living with loneliness in developed countries? Please create a global campaign to solve the loneliness problem

Talking about loneliness is not an easy conversation to have, and it can feel awkward and be a very vulnerable experience. Peer 2 Peer is a platform and campaign to raise awareness of the issue of social isolation targeting populations that are at more risk of experiencing loneliness, social isolation, and disconnected from resources. It provides resources, education, peer counseling, and other services. The Peer 2 Peer model empowers people to use their experience of isolation to connect with similar people and share healthy coping strategies in a personal, judgment-free way. 

We started brainstorming Peer 2 Peer using the following campaign keywords: connect, personal, and inviting. Our starting point was the logo that represents the peer to peer conversation. The negative space represents number 2 as a number of people engaged in the dialogue. In order to feel comfortable for people to talk about their personal feelings, 

it is crucial to provide a visual system that communicates that the platform is safe and values respect, listening and honesty. We developed the visual identity by exploring the visual concept, using joined circles to represent peers intimately expressing themselves. It displays the connection between isolated individuals and the resources available to them. The two circles are similar in size to show the mutual respect and identity between the peers. The gradations represent the merge of the human connection. This orange color palette means security, comfort, and welcoming. 


The visual system is shown on an ad, website, a pin, a personal card, and a podcast. The pin will be distributed in the community, and so it will increase the visibility in this topic and program. The personal card was designed for anyone who wants to reach out to another peer to write a message to check in with them while also inviting them to the program. The topic of loneliness is difficult to address. However, this is a way to get the conversation started and show that one cares for their peers. Peer 2 Peer can have a podcast to help peers listen to discussions on the topic of social isolation with different speakers around the world. It is one tool for users to have easy access to resources and community support in their language in a culturally sensitive way. 


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